Friday, September 28, 2007


ok I have been really slack or busy. Busy sounds better.

Anyway...Im not sure when Ill be back but for those of you who are interested, my email is if you want to add me to your facebook.


Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm alive!!

The move down to LA has had me disconnected form everything so I should be back and running by next week, fingers crossed so dont think I have left you all!

Speeak soon!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I wish I was here...

Second last day at work and I would give anything to be in Mooloolaba right now soaking up some rays.

Monday, August 27, 2007


My last day of work is on Wednesday. It’s a little sad to see a place disappear from my life after being consumed by it for 18 months. A place I would regularly spend 40 hour weeks at I now won’t see at all, possibly ever.

It’s been strange this last week seeing things in a new light. For everything I see or do is quite possibly the last time I will see or do them and perhaps the last time I will see this person or that person. Do I say goodbye or do I let them wonder where I am when I leave? To be that elusive being sounds intriguing.

Leaving some places congers up some emotions that I did think I would have. There are many places that I go to that I have been frequenting since I moved here. My (cross country) birth place of sorts that I am no longer going to experience.

My gym is one place I have gone to from the very first day and haven’t changed since. The people know of me but don’t really know me so will they wonder about me or will I drift out of their memory like a brief encounter in a far away city? I want to tell some of them but I do not think they will care. “Why is this man telling me this?” They would ask. The friends I have made in there I will tell.

So for the second time in twenty years I am departing my place of birth with a heart full of hope and spirit full of enthusiasm. I am leaving behind me friendships that only briefly had time to mature and bonding time with family. I am grateful for the time spent with my cousins for they have given me all I have here and the opportunity to define them for myself and not from others was truly enlightening.

I have found a warm soul to confide in and shoulder to lay my head and plan on building that union into something special, far beyond what life can throw at me.

I really have no idea what Ill be doing down south. I have no job. No interviews. No connections. But I do have hope. I have faith that my hope will be fulfilled and enthusiasm rewarded.

Now, if anyone has any job openings in the Los Angeles area please call me. I need a job! Living in LA doesn’t come cheap people!

Monday, August 20, 2007

House for sale!

Anyone want to buy a house? Its reaaaalllllyyy nice...

Monday, August 06, 2007

Miccy D's

Don’t you just love punks who try and act all counter culture but walk into the boiling pot of American consumerism, McDonald’s? Yes, you are so cool young man, over there with the nose piercing and black makeup that give you the appearance of a dead clown. Who looks like he applied his facial paint with his left foot. Your articulate way of demonstrating your disgust in conforming to societal ways is imaginative. I have never seen black jeans with doc martins, complete with yellow laces and scuffed toe linings. If not for your flat chest I may have mistaken you for a female, maybe you were, but less fortunate? Either way, I’m still having trouble trying to distinguish the genitalia you were blessed with. For all I know you have switched back and forth and can’t decide what you want to be. Sorry if you were female. I did not mean to summon you to my car by calling you “Sir, madam, erectile dysfunctional clown” but next time you leave a half full coke on the hood of my car, ‘accidentally’ knock it over and walk away laughing as though you achieved some great comedic performance I will not be so kind. In fact, next time ill take your boy balls and wrap them around your ankles and shove a red nose down your throat. And if that doesn’t do the trick Ill take your goofy shoes and kick your ass through those golden arches so hard you’ll be ordering your filet’o’fish from the casualty ward. Asshole!

Friday, August 03, 2007

snap, camera, action

I got my camera back after it being in transit for a few days from LA. And after viewing the pictures I am more than happy t report that they are great! I had put Anna and Rocky in charge of selling me on Hollywood because, as most of you know, iv been thinking of moving down there for some time now and they REALLY did a great job of showing me around and letting Hollywood do all the talking, which it did. Loudly. LA couldn’t have put on a better 4 days for us so without further adieu, I present to you (some) of Hollywood’s finest moments (if you subtract all of the rockstars, actors/actresses etc, etc moments).

This is a toilet, yes. I agree. What the?? Try not to look at the porcelain bus and focus more on the cool graffiti

The four of us went to Universal Studios on Saturday and to my dismay, 3 of the four of us (not me) were to much of babies to go on any rides except for one. Where they all got sick. This also is on a ride that doesn’t even move. It just feels like it does. You know the ones that jolt around and make you feel like your flying but your really just in one spot? Yeah, pretty fukn girly!

Hollywood here I come?

She may be small but she has the appetite of an elephant

Toi restaurant with Rocky

I am NOT gay

My first ever guitar I played on. I was so good I went and got my own and now I am taking lessons. Hopefully next time I see Anna I can play bah bah black sheep or something

I may look like I know what im doing. Don’t be fooled.

First night out. Rocky is a club promoter so we basically get VIP treatment to all of his clubs. This is Club Play. Cool little club but it was his last night there. He has bigger and better things in store for Friday nights.

Me with my new guitar…and groupie (I may only have one but how many do you have? HA!)

Rocky’s grand opening for Saturday nights at Cine Space. Great night all round. Red carpet, media wall and plenty of celebrities. Earth, Wind amd Fire, Some Russian Prince and apparently Lindsey Lohan were there. She was probably in the back getting right on it.

So with all that said, it looks like I am in fact moving to the meting pot of California and havent been this excited since leaving Australia. Iv always been one for change and if everything goes to plan ill be down there before Christmas and hopefully before Halloween.

Now, I need to go and find out how I can get the Sacramento Kings on tv down there. Im willing to pay whatever it costs to get NBAtv so long as I can so my beloved Kings play. I will contemplate not moving if I cant.